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The Best Things in Life are Free

Is there one thing that you could do, which would have the greatest healing effect upon any illness that you have ever suffered at any time of your life? What would you give to have it? If this one thing could cure almost any illnesses or lessen your suffering, what would you give to learn it? This is not a superfood, a vitamin, a mineral or a newly discovered ancient or modern marvelous food or technique. It is something so obvious that we  ignore its importance and unlike superfoods, vitamins, minerals and newly discovered ancient and modern marvels, it is free! Completely and utterly free.


The Best Things in Life are Free

The moon belongs to everyone
The best things in life are free,
The stars belong to everyone
They gleam there for you and me.
The flowers in Spring,
The robins that sing,
The sunbeams that shine
They’re yours,
They’re mine!
And love can come to everyone,
The best things in life are free.

Yes the best things in life are free, despite who may tell you that time costs money and the other claptrap that ensures that you sign up to the usurious, greatest economic con in the history of mankind. The foundations of good health do not have to cost you anything. Like the moon, stars, flowers in spring, robins that sing, sunbeams that shine and love, it is free! What is this fascinating thing? It is sound, healthy and robust digestion. Sound, healthy and robust digestion is your most powerful aid in the maintenance and regaining of your health. In this article, I intend to show you why.

What Makes You YOU!


17th century Persian diagram of the digestive system

When you were born you weighed around 3.5 kilograms and gained approximately 10 to 20 grams daily. Your adult weight is around 20 times your newborn weight. All this weight and body mass is gained from your diet, however this had to be assimilated into you successfully for you to grow healthily. It is your digestion that did this job. Without sound, healthy and robust digestion you simply could not have grown as you have. Your digestive system makes what is not you, YOU. It successfully breaks food down into forms that the body can assimilate, assimilating the useful and eliminating the often toxic waste. The successful execution of all these aspects is what makes you, YOU. Your cells are being built, repaired and destroyed. The waste products of living, are eliminated along the same channels as the waste products of our digestion. Digestion, assimilation and elimination are the basic processes by which our bodies’ integrity is maintained. Altogether these three processes are handled by our digestive and eliminative systems. The highway of blood and body fluids transports nutrients, air and waste to and from all parts of the body. It should be obvious that if these core processes are not working well, then there will necessarily be some kind of breakdown, which will begin the deterioration of other aspects. What started out as isolated symptoms will soon progress into full blown disease, with indigestion being at the core. Indigestion, improper assimilation and incomplete elimination are at the root of most diseases.

The Body’s Capacity for Renewal

We will have noticed that in the same soil and conditions many different plants exist, each expressing its unique form and characteristics. This is whether it is of the same or differing species. We will never find two plants that are exactly the same. It is impossible. Even though they exist in identical conditions. This is because they have a patterning which though reflected in their DNA must be read out as a code, a code which is identical in every cell and since cells vary greatly in function, we must realise that there is some higher vital function that ensures that the pattern of each organism emerges, is repeated and is maintained. It is this higher vital capacity that maintains the integrity of the organism. When this higher vital capacity begins to change the patterning of the organism, the body will be renewed upon that change until this higher vital function changes.

In simpler language if you have a scar, cancer, diabetes or any other condition, the body will continue to repeat this malformation until there is some fundamental change. There may be a variety of reasons why this conditon perpetuates itself, but whilst the condition continues the body will pattern itself based upon the changed instructions or impulses of this higher function. I believe that this higher function is energetic but it really does not matter what it is. What matters is that the capacity of the body to renew its healthy function must be restored. Since this higher vital capacity directs where and how digested food is assimilated and becomes the body, it controls renewal and maintenance of the body’s integrity. It is vital that we must ensure that it is able to function properly. In Greco-Arab and Chinese medicine this higher function works via the kidneys’ adrenal glands. I understand this to be the activity of the hormones. The hormonal system uses the highway of the blood and body fluids which is maintained and kept clear by elimination and excretion. Therefore clear balanced body fluids are essential for this capacity to work healthily. Sound, healthy and robust digestion and elimination are at the core of health and the body’s ability to maintain its healthy structure.

Basic Guidelines for Restoring the Digestion

  1. Since digestion starts when we smell the food and the digestive juices become active, sit and talk whilst the food is being served or at least ensure that you take the time to enjoy the smell of the food, in order that this aspect of digestion may take its natural course;
  2. Stop drinking for at least half an hour before your meal and an hour afterwards.  Avoid drinking during your meals as this dilutes stomach acids and digestive enzymes dampening the digestive ‘fires’. The practice of drinking water with meals lacks common sense;
  3. Drink something bitter an hour to half an hour before meals, since bitter is an essential taste and it activates digestive juices, enzymes and the liver to prepare for food. This will help your digestion to be stronger when the food reaches the stomach;
  4. Chew your food since the stomach has no teeth and will have strain in order to make up for the lack of chewing. The mouth has enzymes which are involved in digestion, the longer the food is chewed the more chance they have of doing their job and you will actually get a chance to taste the food. Chewing more tends to make you eat less;
  5. Avoid eating your fill, the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The son of Adam does not fill any container worse than his belly. Sufficient for the son of Adam are some morsels to keep his back straight. If there must be more, then it is a third for his food, a third for his drink and a third for breath,”. There is a famous Arab proverb stating that the root of all disease is indigestion, eating our fill overloads the stomach, sends badly digested food into the intestines, progressively damages digestion, encourages greed and dulls the mind;
  6. If you are prone to indigestion combine foods in easily digestible combinations. A simple rule is: combine vegetables with meat without carbohydrates and combine carbohydrates with vegetables without meat. Eat meat no more than twice weekly;
  7. Ensure that you drink sufficient water during your day as this will help the body in eliminating toxins, reducing constipation and maintaining the health of body fluids.


Well these simple guidelines to sound, robust and healthy digestion will not cost you a penny and they will slowly but surely work in the background as you go about your normal activities. They will help to rebuild a strong body. Of course these are not the only things you will need to do, but this is the elephant in the room. How could anyone imagine that we could have health without a healthy digestive and eliminative system? Our ability to extract the nutrients from the food we eat depends on our digestion. We need to go back to basics. Remember it is digestion that helped you to grow from 3.5 kilograms to around 20 times your newborn weight.

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Alex Carberry (Abu Bakr Carberry) British born writer, thinker, naturopath and activist. He writes, lectures and runs workshops on the human need for renewal and healing, psychological types and other aspects of psychology. He runs a clinic in the Midlands, England treating a variety of conditions. Alex sees the human being as a unified whole and not a fragmented creature and is the author of the book Know Yourself.

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Alex Carberry

Alex Carberry (Abu Bakr Carberry) British born writer, thinker, naturopath and activist. He writes, lectures and runs workshops on the human need for renewal and healing, psychological types and other aspects of psychology. He runs a clinic in the Midlands, England treating a variety of conditions. Alex sees the human being as a unified whole and not a fragmented creature and is the author of the book Know Yourself.