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Hi, I’m Alex Carberry

Alex Carberry (Abu Bakr Carberry) British born writer, thinker, naturopath and activist, raised in Guyana, South America on the edge of the Amazon jungle became Muslim over two decades ago. He brings sufic cosmology, the European philosophical and literary tradition together with a strong emphasis on issues of health, physical, psychological, social and spiritual to bear on the human need for renewal and healing. He sees the human being as a unified whole and not a fragmented creature.

A student of Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi (Ian Dallas) for over 20 years, he has become steeped in the ideas of the foremost European thinker of our age. Alex sees himself as a European Muslim for whom Islam is the ultimate expression of his civilisation if it is to escape its present state of existential crisis.

Extending and clarifying the Greco-Arab tradition, with a sophisticated fusion that draws upon the Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions as well as modern industrial medicine, Alex seeks to treat the whole human being. He is acutely conscious of usury in all of its forms and sees that many of the disease conditions that appear among us are symptomatic of this underlying malaise.

His work on the Four Elements restores this ancient paradigm to its energetic roots, in a manner which is both simple, sophisticated and understandable to a modern audience. From this foundation he has developed his own approach to the traditional four personality types, developing a system of twelve combined expressions of these four personality types. The Four Element system is used to examine bio-politics, medicine, psychology, management and strategic studies.

Creation as language is an understanding that works to apply cosmological grammar to solve modern problems, whilst applying it to psychology in an approach called Narrative Analysis.

Alex Carberry runs clinics, delivers workshops, writes and is sometimes available for lectures.